6 Ways to become a happier person

I visited an old friend of mine the other day. Their home is perfect and beautiful cars, two children perfect age apart; all as it would appear is perfect. At work, his career is going well. He is on track to become manager of his company, he has been the perfect time, even after spending the weekend with the it is clear that the family is a happy family. There seems to be a sense of disconnect between those who fight negative behavior of children, etc this is obviously a void that can not be filled with all the things and work results they have obtained.

I had to ask myself why is it? How do you avoid letting life get to a point where you have everything you need or want but still filled fulfilled?. Here are some tips I’ve discovered a mixture of books, magazines and online resources.

Create a plan for you

Create a realistic plan for the goal that you think will make you happy. Sometimes it is not to complete the goal, but the effort and hard work you put to get there. Therefore, the harder you work, the better you will feel about yourself because you will feel better about going after something you value. If not valuable to you, it will not be worthwhile to work or make a sacrifice to reach the goal.

Surround yourself with positive people

This is often the hardest part of being happy, recognizing that the people you hang around with may not be best for you, choose to surround yourself with happy and positive people and relationships that focus the goals you want to achieve for you. If you are around people who are happy with their emotional state, the feeling will be infectious.

Failure is inevitable

When something goes awry, or you fail at something not speculate no self pity. People who are happy accept their mistakes as a learning experience and move on. You can have a million mistakes; all you need is one of the great moments of success. Mathematically speaking it statistically impossible to have any mistakes, you will eventually reach the success, wallowing in self pity just make mistakes last longer.

Thank it / you have

Do not disregard the great things that you now have in life. Take a few seconds every day to think about great things, people, children, pets are part of your life. Those few seconds will give you the opportunity to focus on the positive aspects of your life and will often change the outlook on bad days.

Treat yourself

I once heard Oprah say, “you have to pay yourself first, no matter what”, by saying you need to take time every day and pay yourself, maybe compliments, great lunch or some extra one time, this is it all ways to subconsciously put you in a better mood.

Be Healthy

Healthcare has a lot do with happiness. Maintaining your health is one of the biggest ways to achieve happiness. Being overweight or not eating a healthy diet can have negative effects on your mood. In addition, exercise such as yoga, walking and running a myriad of activities have all been proven to release endorphins that give you a feeling of happiness.

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